Golden Light

Artist's Statement

Art is a way of life, a means of expression for personal growth and self actualization. I've created things all my life but when I came to New Mexico, I knew this was where my creative talents could flower. The geology and culture is inspiring here and the spectacular sunrises and sunsets inspired me to move into working with glass, an endlessly fascinating medium. I can also express my love of the Earth by using the gorgeous things she provides for us with beads and cabochons. Through my creative efforts I feel life has meaning by providing a constant creative process. I feel a personal connection to everybody who owns one of my pieces and I wish I could get to know them!

I was drawn to the medium of fused glass because it captures the essence of light and also sparkles and is bright and colorful. I suspect there is a magpie in all of us--a lover of shiny and colorful things with which we want to surround ourselves. It catches other people's eyes as well. I'm happiest when repeat customers comment on how happy it makes them to wear one of my pieces and how many compliments they receive on a piece of jewelry or how much they enjoy seeing their glass piece in their home. I also love to hear about how people who have given my jewelry as gifts around the world say how pleased the recipients are with their gift. I want people to smile when they try on a piece of my jewelry or picture my sculptures in their homes.

I have recently expanded into the creation of larger fused glass animal portraits, sun catchers, and framed pieces where I can fully explore my well-developed sense of whimsy. I also accept commissions to create portraits of animal companions, our best friends.

Dichroic Glass: What is it?

The technology was developed in Germany over 100 years ago by Dr. Arthur Pfeiffer and further enhanced as part of the space program by NASA. The technical definition of dichroism is an optical effect observed in certain crystalline materials, in which two different colors are seen when the crystals are viewed in different directions. Dichroic glass selectively reflects away certain wave-lengths (colors) of light and allows the remaining wave-lengths to transmit through. This is the same way nature creates the colors seen in bird feathers, fish scales, opals and even the color seen on an oil slick on water. Applications of dichroic coatings range from use in diagnosing diseases (by tracing fluorescent antibodies), to use in heat-seeking missiles, to being a principle component in energy producing solar cells and serving as a quantitative measuring device in research photography. The technology, called “Thin Film Physics”, has evolved from our aerospace programs into the glass art field. In the late sixties, a handful of sculptors started using dichroics in their work and the use of dichroic glass has blossomed into use by many artists in a plethora of art forms.


December 3 - 4, 2016

Corrales Holiday Show

Corrales, NM

Hours 10:00 5:00 p.m, The Corrales Society of Artists--Fabulous! Hope to see you there!


Please contact me by email or phone regarding pricing, commissions and special orders. Shipping available just about anywhere. Thank you.